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༺ψ༻ Mbr.Renegade
Joined: 1st Dec 2015
Rank: Member
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1st Dec 2015

I just filled out application 'Application Form'. Here is my submission for your consideration:

1. IGN: = Renegade
1b. FaceBook Lvl: = 15
2. Are you currently in a clan? = No
2c. Why did you decide to join us, instead of staying your previous clans?:  = I saw you guys playing in a server and saw the superb teamwork and success you achieved as a unit
3. Were you recruited by anyone? = No I stumbled across you guys in a server
3b. Who recruited you? = Read above
4. Why do you want to join ༺ψ༻?:   = I saw you guys playing in a server and saw the superb teamwork and success you achieved as a unit and I have always loved teamwork and believe it is necessary for success...  and I love the way you expect nothing but the best and I believe I can provide my very best.
5. Do you know any of our clan members?:  = Yes
6. What skills do you have that could apply to us?:  = Splitrunning, Virus Splitting, top 10 in almost every server I join (Solo/Teamed)
7. How active are you on = I play almost every day
8. What region do you usually play in?:  = American (Live in Central America)
9. How do you play (Any specific playing styles?): = I usually enjoy Split running but am open minded
9b. Do you know anything related to making videos or logos? = Yes I make my own as seen on my Banner
10. Do you know how to set up bait?   = Sorta Kinda (One of my weaker skills)
11. Do you know how to splitrun? = Yes 100% Yes
12. Do you know how to virus split? = Yes
13. What is one of the quickest ways you know how to get mass?   = Teamwork
14. Do you use AgarPlus? = Yes
14b. Do you use a microphone or headset? = If needed yes
14c. Do you use bots for free mass? = No
15. Comments/concerns: = How much would you need me to be on?
Last Edit: 2nd Dec 2015 by Renegade
Joined: 24th Nov 2015
Rank: --
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1st Dec 2015

Firstly, just to address your comment/concern, I don't believe there is a required amount of time needed to be on the game, but I would recommend being on quite often to raise your Facebook level. Being level 15, it makes me wonder how long you have been playing the game. I'm sure if you're accepted, the second step of the application process will determine if your skills are up to par with the rest of the clan.
Regards and good luck in your process,
༺ψ༻ Mbr.Renegade
Joined: 1st Dec 2015
Rank: Member
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2nd Dec 2015

Shmeat, I have been playing the game for close to a year now but I just created the Facebook account about a week or two ago.
Joined: 10th Nov 2015
Rank: --
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2nd Dec 2015

Well-rounded application.

Application accepted.

Come to our chat for testing.

Forum » Recruitment » Applications Locked
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