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Joined: 3rd Dec 2015
Rank: Applicant
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3rd Dec 2015

1. IGN:  RуαηƓσ

1b. FaceBook Lvl:

2. Are you currently in a clan?  I was in NBK before, but it got messed up and too many fakers so I left.n.

2c. Why did you decide to join us, instead of staying your previous clans?:
 I'm getting bored of playing with the same people that doesn't have the same knowledge as me. ( I'm not saying I'm the best ) but I'd rather play with good people than with people who doesn't know how to ' really ' team.

3. Were you recruited by anyone?

3b. Who recruited you?
My friend.

4. Why do you want to join ༺ψ༻?:
It's actually a clan that I noticed really quick, I can't find a match without these tags, and I saw how they were teaming, so I thought I'd take a shot.

5. Do you know any of our clan members?:
1 New recruited member recommended me this clan

6. What skills do you have that could apply to us?:
I know how to virus split, Splitrun, and I'm really alert to emergency cases. ( like someone is about to split, I can notice it really quick and split everything into my actual teammate. ) 

7. How active are you on
Pretty active when I'm not bored.

8. What region do you usually play in?:

9. How do you play (Any specific playing styles?):
 I usually try to find a good teammate or fake peoples nametags do just grow and troll them lol.

9b. Do you know anything related to making videos or logos?
 I can make videos, But I can't make logos

10. Do you know how to set up bait?
Not sure.. I don't think so

11. Do you know how to splitrun?
Yes I do

12. Do you know how to virus split?
Yes I do

13. What is one of the quickest ways you know how to get mass?
Eating virusses gets you about 100 mass ( without thinking about the mass you're losing after merging / feeding your teammate. ) and then just give the other halfs of your blob to your friend then he does the same.

14. Do you use AgarPlus?

14b. Do you use a microphone or headset?

14c. Do you use bots for free mass?

15. Comments/concerns:
 I'm kinda worried about how good my splirun skills are. My friend tryed to teach me but never really putted time in it. So I hope I can get a chance.
Last Edit: 3rd Dec 2015 by RуαηƓσ
Joined: 10th Nov 2015
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3rd Dec 2015

Application denied.

Reasons: Wrong topic name.

Feel free to re-apply in a week (12/10/15).

Forum » Recruitment » Applications Locked
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