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Joined: 5th Dec 2015
Rank: Applicant
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7th Dec 2015

1. IGN: ĂɱƄɽℯ (Amber)
2. FaceBook Lvl: 34
3. Are you currently in a clan? No
4. Why did you decide to join us, instead of staying your previous clans?: No previous clan. I played with 《ℝ》and ƬψƬ. I have no idea who are official members or who are guests just like me.
5. Were you recruited by anyone?: No. I played with ē๑นคti and saw his ༺ψ༻ description on skype.
6. Who recruited you? Nobody

7. Why do you want to join ༺ψ༻?: 
To have fun playing with people who have fun playing agar.
To play more challenging agar.
Playing alone is boring.
Your clan chat is always busy. It seems organized.
Most people that I listened to a few days ago seems really sympathics.

8. Do you know any of our clan members?: 
Not really.
I saw Acid, Cloud, Death, Havoc, JustExo, Manda, Moon, Omega, OOwll, Problem, Rain, Raven, RoYaL, Supernova, USA... hum... surely more.. on chat.
I played a few minutes with Rain and others to replace a dead teammate.

9. What skills do you have that could apply to us?:
Your clan does not seem to lack skills.
I guess I can add some good playing mood. I heard some really stressed people... one time (lol)!
Fast learning maybe? See... First time I splitrun two days ago (with Rain) and I don't loose mass! (Maybe I shouldn't confess that... )

10. How active are you on
I discover Agario a few days ago. Actually, I can played almost every day a few hours. 
This can change with my working schedule and family duty.

11. What region do you usually play in?: North America. I'm living in Canada, Québec.
12. How do you play (Any specific playing styles?): I don't know what to answer. Hmm.. I wanna play like Lavanda when I grow up.
13. Do you know anything related to making videos or logos?: No. I used SnagIt software to create a video once ... not sure that it is relevant to your needs.
14. Do you know how to set up bait?: Yes. I know some techniques. I need practice.
15. Do you know how to splitrun?:  Yes. I need practice too.
16. Do you know how to virus split?: Yes. I don't need to practice that...
17. What is one of the quickest ways you know how to get mass?: Stealing it (virus farm on dead server, teammate, bait, fast decisions eat or not, ...)
18. Do you use AgarPlus?: Yes
19. Do you use a microphone or headset?: Yes. But microphone not always available: I have two really noisy children (not enough old to play Agar! Shame!)
20. Do you use bots for free mass?: No. Never.
21. How old are you?: 37
22. Comments/concerns: 
I don't speak a lot on chat. I don't feel confortable speaking english.
No problem to be an Applicant for as long as need to improved my agar skills.

Si tu ne veux pas une risette, tu ne vaux pas grand chose.
French expression that means something like "If you do not know laugh at yourself, you miss something valuable."

Last Edit: 7th Dec 2015 by Amber
Joined: 10th Nov 2015
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7th Dec 2015

Haha, you have children? That's nice to hear.

Application accepted.

Come to our chat for testing.

Forum » Recruitment » Applications Locked
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