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༺ψ༻ Mbr.ƛƈเɗ
Joined: 2nd Dec 2015
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2nd Dec 2015

1. IGN:  It was Deadlock before one year, but decided to change and get a 4digit nick to use long tags and let people read it without any difficulties.
1b. FaceBook Lvl:
 My level in is low, it's 29 (described why in 2nd question)

2. Are you currently in a clan?  I was in NBK official before like five months and i learnt how to splitrun there. But after our leader left the clan (Real Mistik) the clan was destroyed, and as you can see now, there are new clans like xVx, TA, PE, T T etc. most of them are created by old NBK professionals. And i still have friends from there, Atzuya. (Recruited me to NBK when he was NBK's captain but now he is in ZT) I don't have a legit clan currently but i play with a tag called DUO on, i have like 10 turk friends there and i managed private rooms on with them, practiced, trained, but couldn't have more than 2 players at once when in game.
2c. Why did you decide to join us, instead of staying your previous clans?:
 I was looking for a recruiting clan which can splitrun, tricksplit and listens to EDM  (As i described in 2. , i don't have a legit clan)

3. Were you recruited by anyone?
 Yes, to NBK

3b. Who recruited you?

4. Why do you want to join ༺ψ༻?:
 Interested, i loved it, owners has skills, can record videos on Youtube with a clear gameplay, can use CSS (as i can see in the forum layout and plugins) and uses a quality extension based on Greasemonkey.

5. Do you know any of our clan members?:

6. What skills do you have that could apply to us?:
 Splitrunning, to be honest, i learnt it from ZT

7. How active are you on

8. What region do you usually play in?:
 Turkey, Europe

9. How do you play (Any specific playing styles?):
 In my decision everyone have their own playing styles, and mine is never stop moving, split, don't be a turtle!

9b. Do you know anything related to making videos or logos?
 Yes, i have a youtube channel and recorded four videos in the past with  Camsatia, i have basic knowledge on editing videos and i am an old PS CS4 user.

10. Do you know how to set up bait?
 No. + I don't have a strong computer.

11. Do you know how to splitrun?
 After three months of practicing and watching videos yes, lol

12. Do you know how to virus split?

13. What is one of the quickest ways you know how to get mass?
 Eating virusses, splitting twice or more, so i can eat food (pellets) in a faster way (when i am less than 500 mass with my friend) + Ejecting mass is an ultra mass loss so i never use it if not needed.

14. Do you use AgarPlus?
 Yes and i also use HKG Lite.

14b. Do you use a microphone or headset?
 No but i use a Samsung tablet for communication (Skype, TS3)

14c. Do you use bots for free mass?
 Bots are not allowed in ESL rules / it's cheating so no.

15. Comments/concerns:
 My name is Kemal Okan Dikkulak, i  am an administrator in Stick Surf (Multiplayer Flash Game), has 50k  monthly users on Facebook App Store, and i own this forum We are 6 members in this game's dev team, and it's where i learnt my English from.

Last Edit: 2nd Dec 2015 by ƛƈเɗ
Joined: 10th Nov 2015
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2nd Dec 2015

Are you able to play in American servers? If you are, I would definitely accept you.

༺ψ༻ Mbr.ƛƈเɗ
Joined: 2nd Dec 2015
Rank: Member
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2nd Dec 2015

I am able to play in American servers. It may lag if i record videos or stream live.. I think i should buy a better computer to start streaming on twitch =p
Joined: 10th Nov 2015
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2nd Dec 2015

So much detail.

Application accepted.

Come to our chat for testing.

Forum » Recruitment » Applications Locked
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